Indecisive Loser-Hero Hybrid (earthdotprime) wrote,
Indecisive Loser-Hero Hybrid

So, I've got my first derby bout this Saturday, up in Cheyenne, against the Capidolls' fresh meat.

This is preamble, not the point.

Since I started derby, every single one of my friends has gone: "Oh1 That's so awesome! I can't wait to see you play!"

And y'know what? I would love for them to come out. I've been working my ass off, and even though I'm not very good yet, I would love to have people at the bout supporting me.

So, fast forward to more recently, when it's gone from "I would love to see you play!" "Ok! I'll let you know!" to "I would love to see you play!" "Sure! We have a bout coming up really soon in Cheyenne!" "...Oh."

So, look, I get that Cheyenne is a two hour drive, and people here are stuck in the bubble, and no one ever wants to leave.  But here's the deal, dudes.
1, It's fucking roller derby.  Yes, it's gaining in popularity, but that doesn't mean that there are leagues tripping over themselves to play each other. 
2, I play in a rec league.  Which means that for the most part, our competition is limited to scrimmages and fresh meat teams.  WFTDA travel teams don't want to bother with us, for a number of reasons. 
2a, one of those reasons is that we can't host bouts - we don't have the infrastructure.  So we HAVE to travel.  and at the point where we're traveling:
3, Guess what? Everything in Colorado is FAR. Not near.  FAR.  Usually an hour or more.  People drive 3 hours (6 hours round trip) to go fucking skiing.  And so Cheyenne, relatively? NOT THAT FAR.  In fact, probably the closest we will ever play.  Bouts after this are slated for Laramie, WY (3-4 hours) and Billings, MT. MONTANA, PEOPLE. THAT IS ACTUALLY FAR.

So, I'm kinda cranky pants.  Everyone was SO EXCITED for me to get in to this sport, blah blah blah, but when push comes to shove, can't be arsed to get off their butts and actually come support me.  Jon is coming, which I'm pretty excited about, but also just the part where YES HE VOICED INTEREST IN SHOWING UP AND IS ACTUALLY MAKING IT HAPPEN.  Sure, I'm driving, I booked the hotel room, etc, but, it's my gig.  He'll be doing the same (at least he'd better be) for his Iron Man in Idaho next month.  Also, y'know, the part where we're dating.

I'm just pissy that EVERYONE I KNOW is all talk no rock about this.  If it weren't for Jon magically showing up in my life, I'd be doing this totally on my own.  (I know, if Jon hadn't happened, a LOT of things would be different right now. Whatever.)

Possibly the part where I have friends in this town (thinking of one person specifically) who gets SOOPER bent out of shape if we leave her out of something, or if, god forbid, we don't move heaven and earth to come to HER events (and/or her FRIENDS events), but when it comes to our own... unless they're convenient for her, there's a big to-do about being invited, then zilch.

In other news, it's 4am, I smell like a bar, and Jon's smoke detector has decided that it's time to go beepy-beepy. Hoo-rah.
Tags: bitching
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