Indecisive Loser-Hero Hybrid (earthdotprime) wrote,
Indecisive Loser-Hero Hybrid

personal pet peeve that i'd completely forgotten about:

amateur photogrpahs who are, in fact, AWFUL, but post pictures on their blog of choice and ask "what do you guys think?"

their friends, half of whom wouldn't know a wide angle lens from a monocle, the other half of which are equally shitty phtographers, respond with a chorus of "oh, that's so lovely!"'s, and "you're really very talented!"'s when, in fact, they are not. they actually suck 8 different ways of monkey choad, but no one would ever tell them that. as a result, they keep taking shitty photos, and keep thinking that one day, someone will recognize their untapped resource of talent.

blurry pictures are not art. crappy lighting is not moody. bad angles are not creative, and nudity is not poetic.

get a tripod, a light meter, and a clue, you fucking notalentcamwhores.

i'vebeen rantier then usual. that's probably a good thing - sign of normalacy n all that.
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