Indecisive Loser-Hero Hybrid (earthdotprime) wrote,
Indecisive Loser-Hero Hybrid

I am fucking EXHAUSTED.

I just got back from my second ever bout, with the High City Derby Divas of Aurora, CO. I am battered and busted and bruised, and grining like some sort of idiot.

The first half of the bout was a nightmare - I agreed to jam, and proceeded to have my ass handed to me by every single member of their team. There was a power jam, and I just could. not. get. past their line. (I thought it was pretty brutal out on the track. Jon told me afterwards that it looked even worse. I'd get up, get knocked right back down again. For the whole two minutes. UGH.) It took me, no joke, the rest of the damn half to fully recover. I skated like crap. And I certainly didn't jam again.

The second half was WAY better. I caught my breath, and skated almost every jam with the B line. Just holding the inside line, sure, but I managed a few solid hits on the jammers, didn't fall too hard, and mostly avoided getting winded like I had in the first half.

The Hustle n Rollers lost, 133 - 69 - mostly because we couldn't get through their beastly walls.

It was awesome awesome awesome, and all the suck in the first half just makes me want to work harder, so I don't have to suck that hard the next time I play.

In other news, as I was gearing down, I discovered a neon yellow hair band that had somehow wrapped its way around my knee, UNDER MY TIGHTS, (and under my kneepads, which is probably why I didn't actually find it til I stripped down) for the entire bout. 1, no wonder my right leg felt vaguely off, and 2, HOW THE FUCK DID IT GET THERE.

... I probably really need a roller debry icon, don't I.
Tags: bout day, hcdd, roller derby, wrr
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